Our Story

On the 12th June 2022, Pet Barn opened its doors in the Republic of
Trinidad & Tobago. Born from a desire to provide the best care for
our faithful companions, our pets, Pet Barn seeks to provide not only
high quality pet supplies but also the best customer experience.

In our search for new and improved pet services and
products, we saw the need to provide relevant information and bring
cutting edge items to the market. We knew that our mission required
elements of convenience, value and rich customer service.

Now Pet Barn has ventured into the digital landscape to
extend our customer service beyond our Brentwood community. With a
plethora of products available in the store and on the web, Pet Barn is
working to ensure that all your pet’s needs are met right in the comfort
of your home.

Our Mission

Pet Barn’s mission is to provide pets and pet owners with top quality,
consistent pet supplies and accessories at an affordable price whilst
having a modern shopping experience that makes you return again and